Dropped calls troubleshooting: Basic phones[1]

    Understanding the Issue

    Use this document to troubleshoot dropped calls on Basic Phones.

    • Calls drop suddenly
    • Error: "Call Ended"
    • Signal suddenly drops to no bars


    What happens and why

    Possible causes can include the following:

    • Network outage
    • Low signal
    • Device problem
    • Known handset issue



    Help & How to


    What to expect

    Occasional dropped calls are normal on any wireless network due to terrain, tower hand-offs, weather, building structures, and many other factors. Also, all calls will automatically drop after 4 hours to prevent unexpected overage from "pocket-dialing." To try and improve your experience, the following can help with dropped call problems:

    • Moving closer to a window or moving to a different room to improve signal.
    • If your device supports Wi-Fi Calling and you have Wi-Fi at your location, use Wi-Fi Calling to overcome low T-Mobile signal.



    Part 1: Beginning troubleshooting

    1. Think about the problems you are having with Dropped calls. Do any of these questions apply to your symptoms:
      • Is this issue happening when using Wi-Fi Calling? If so, see Dropped calls: Wi-Fi Calling.
      • Do you use your phone at only a couple locations (i.e. office and home)? If so, this would be a location-specific issue.
      • Does the issue happen throughout a city, or does the customer travel frequently to other cities or states?
      • Does the issue generally only happen while driving? If so, determine the specific points on the drive.
      • Does the issue only happen on 3G/4G? If you don't drop calls when on 2G, but do when on 3G/4G, see Cannot connect to or use  coservices on 3G or 4G.
      • Do your calls drop after 4 hours? If so, this is normal and built-in to the network.
    2. Check the documents for your device. If there is a document with the problem or error you are having, follow it before continuing here.
    3. If the problem continues, move on to Part 2: Advanced troubleshooting.


    Part 2: Advanced Troubleshooting

    Select from one of the dropped call scenarios below:


    Dropped calls in specific locations

    1. For location-specific issues, it will be necessary to check the coverage at each of the locations where you have experienced a problem. Select from below the coverage level displayed at the address on the map:
      Coverage TypeNext steps
      No CoverageT-Mobile does not provide coverage at the location. See Requesting Coverage in No Coverage / Poor Coverage Areas.

      Contact us.

      • If this occurs only when indoors, this is due to coverage levels at that address.
      • If the issue is experienced outdoors or while in a car, Contact us.
      Very Good
      • If this occurs only when inside an office or apartment building, due to coverage levels at that address and construction materials used in larger buildings, you may experience less-than-optimal service while in those types of structures. You may experience degraded service while in a basement or other underground structure as well.
      • If the issue is experienced outdoors, or inside a car or house, Contact us.
      • Make sure the issue is not experienced when in a basement, parking structure, elevator, or similar environment as service may be degraded in those types of locations regardless of coverage level.
      • If the issue is experienced outdoors, or inside a car or house, Contact us.


    Dropped calls everywhere

    1. If you are using a device with a touch-screen, its possible the device is "waking up" while you have the phone against your cheek. It's possible the proximity sensor on the phone is not functioning properly, waking up the screen, and your cheek is accidentally pressing the End button on the screen. Contact us if the issues persists.
    2. If you turn off and turn on your device daily but are receiving a SIM card error (example: 'Insert SIM'), replace the SIM card. See Replacing SIM Cards.
    3. Contact us if the issues persist after completing the above steps.