Picture message troubleshooting

It can be frustrating if you have trouble sending picture or video messages. Try this help for your picture messaging service.



Can't send / receive with all contacts

  1. Check your device shows at least 2 signal bars. If not, your signal is too low for reliable messages. Check out Signal issues / no service troubleshooting.
  2. Send a text message (with no pictures) to one of the numbers you had picture message problems with. If it doesn't go through, please use Text message troubleshooting.
  3. On My T-Mobile, your primary account holder can look for and remove Message blocking service or Family Allowances from the line.
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi to ensure you're using T-Mobile data network.
  5. In the web browser, open a few web pages to check your Internet connection is loading. If not, follow No Internet instead.
  6. Restart the device.
  7. If the sender was sending a video, a large picture, or a few pictures, then test sending just one small picture.
    • All mobile networks have to restrict the size of pictures that are sent and received.
    • Most phones help resize and shrink your large pictures small enough to send/receive, so the original size isn't too important. But if the message is still too large after this, it won't send.
    • If the small picture goes through, then your service is working fine. Your other picture is too large or video is too long.
  8. Uninstall all third-party messaging apps.
  9. For Android:  (Visit your Devices page for help with these steps.)
    • Clear the app cache and app data for the Messaging app.
    • Reset APNs to default.
  10. For Apple iPhone:
    • Check picture messaging is turned on (Settings > Messages > turn on MMS Messaging).
    • Reset Network Settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings).
  11. Update the device software to the latest version. Visit the Devices page for current versions and steps.
  12. Try sending or receiving a new picture message.
  13. If you're still having messaging problems, contact us.



Can't send / receive with a specific number or an international number

  1. Make sure the line you're trying to message is a mobile line, not a landline or VOIP (internet phone) line that cannot receive picture messages.
  2. Check that the number is not on your device's spam list or block list. (Visit your Devices page for help with these steps.)
  3. Make sure the sender is dialing the number correctly, or it is in the phone Contacts with the correct country code. For some help with the dialing pattern, see Make an International Call.
  4. Restart the device.
  5. Uninstall all third-party messaging apps.
  6. For Android, clear the app cache and app data for the Messaging app. (Visit your Devices page for help with these steps.)
  7. If you still can't send or receive messages to a specific person, contact us.