PUK & PIN code troubleshooting: Basic phones

    Understanding the Issue

    Related errors
    • Error: 'Enter PUK Code'
    • Error: 'Please call customer care for PUK code'
    • Error: 'SIM'
    • Error: 'SIM Card Blocked'
    • Error: 'SIM card is PUK locked'
    • Error: 'Your SIM card has been security locked'
    • Error: 'PIN Blocked'
    • Error: 'PUK Blocked'


    Possible causes

    This error happens when the incorrect SIM PIN code has been entered too many times.



    Help & How to

    1. For PIN errors only, try entering the default PIN code in the steps for your phone.
    2. Turn off the device and remove the battery and SIM card.
    3. Check for any damage to your SIM card.
    4. Re-insert the battery and SIM card.
    5. Turn the device back on.
    6. If the above error messages still appear, you will need your PUK code. See Contact Us for options to contact Customer Care to receive this code.
    7. Entering the PUK will require a new PIN code. Power the device off and on again to verify the new PIN code has been accepted (or that the device does not prompt for a PIN or PUK code if you have disabled that security setting).
    8. If the PUK code procedure does not resolve the issue, replace the SIM card. See Replacing SIM Cards.