Mobile HotSpot Admin page access troubleshooting: T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot

Troubleshoot or learn more about problems accessing the Mobile HotSpot Admin page with the T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot. It is not possible to access the T-Mobile HotSpot Admin page unless the computer has successfully connected to the 4G Mobile HotSpot’s data network over Wi-Fi.


To fix this issue:

  1. Make sure the Mobile HotSpot is not connected to the computer via USB.
  2. Connect to Mobile HotSpot.
  3. Access the Admin Page.
  4. Turn off and turn on the Mobile HotSpot.
  5. If accessing through the desktop shortcut does not work, open a web browser and go to
  6. If you cannot access the admin page and the above steps have been performed, master reset the router and retry.
  7. Connect the HotSpot to an available USB port.
  8. Install the Mobile HotSpot admin software.
  9. Open a web browser and attempt to connect to the admin page by typing http://mobile.hotspot.
  • Note: Restarting the Mobile HotSpot is a way to occasionally resolve this issue.