Speakerphone troubleshooting: Google Nexus 4

Troubleshoot or learn more about low, muffled, or poor audio on the Google Nexus 4.


When using the speaker, you can't hear or be heard. The speaker is located on the back lower right corner of your phone. If the speaker is covered or laying on a flat surface, it will result in poor audio during a call.

nexus4.jpgNexus 4 - Bad Holding Position #1.JPG

Nexus 4 - Bad Sitting Position #1.JPG

To fix this issue:

  1. Hold or place the device in a way to avoid covering the speaker.
  2. If using the speaker phone, hold the phone upside down to avoid blocking the speaker.


Nexus 4 - Good Holding Position #2.JPGNexus 4 - Good Holding Position #1.JPG