Smartphone Mobile HotSpot troubleshooting: Optimus L9

Understanding the Issue



  • Error: 'Your  plan does not currently support this feature'
  • Unable to use the Optimus L9 as a Mobile Hotspot or USB Tethering device

Phone Upsell Error Message

p769 tethering error 2.JPG


What happens and why


The above error message will display after attempting to turn on the Mobile Hotspot or USB Tethering feature on the Optimus L9. The billing account may have the correct feature on it, but the upsell message will continue to display on the phone regardless.


If Upgrade is selected, the browser will open and you will be directed to a page to add the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot feature on your account. The browser error message will direct you to contact customer care or log into your account on to add the feature, though it is already on the account.

'Upgrade' Browser Upsell Message

p769 tethering error.JPG


If Later is selected, the Phone Upsell Error will still continue to display when you attempt to turn on the Mobile Hotspot or USB Tethering features and you will not be able to use either of these features.

'Later' Error Message

p769 tethering error 3.JPG



Software version affectedP76910e
Software version resolvedP76910g
Software update resourcesDOC-5752
Issue typeIssue



Help & How to

Resolution steps


Update the device software to the latest software version.