Blocked phone FAQs

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about blocking and unblocking a stolen phone.




    My device is incorrectly listed as lost or stolen. How can I change this?

    If your device was obtained through a T-Mobile channel, contact Customer Service for an unblock request. Expected processing time is 24 hours.



    I previously reported my device stolen, how do I restore it?

    Your device can be unblocked by contacting Customer Service. Expected processing time is 24 hours.



    How do I change my SIM card to a new one?

    Your SIM card number can be updated through or by contacting Customer Service.



    Where can I find out more about reporting my device?

    If you recently lost your device or it was stolen, you can suspend your account and block the device from being used on any network by contacting Customer Service, or accessing to suspend / block the device.