Safe search setting does not work: Android


    • Safe search stuck on 'strict'
    • Safe search setting does not change or save


    Some images or pages may not display due to Safe Search, which is a Google product.




    To troubleshoot safe search settings, follow these steps:


    1. The only case where T-Mobile is connected to this kind of problem is when Web Guard is set up. It will restrict Safe Search. Log in to My T-Mobile and turn off Web Guard. If it's off, the problem is related to the phone or Google Account.
    2. If the issue is within the YouTube app:
      1. Open the YouTube app.
      2. Touch Menu, Settings, Search, SafeSearch Filtering.
      3. Touch a filter level.
    3. Be sure cookies are turned on in the browser:
      1. On the phone, open the web browser.
      2. Touch Menu, Settings.
      3. Check that cookies are enabled.
        (On ICS, go to Privacy and security, then Accept cookies check box should be selected. If you need more steps to check cookie settings, use common procedures)
    4. Go back to the browser screen, and go to
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the web page.
    6. Touch Settings.
    7. Under SafeSearch Filters, select the appropriate filter.
    8. Scroll to the bottom.
    9. Touch the Save button.
    10. If problems continue, contact Google.