Safe search not working correctly on an Android device

    Troubleshoot problems with safe search on Android devices.


    To fix this issue:

    1. Make sure of the following:
      • You do not have Web Guard turned on. If you do, turn it off to resolve this issue.
      • Cookies are turned on in the browser:
        1. On the phone, open the web browser.
        2. Touch Menu > Settings.
        3. Check that cookies are enabled. On some devices, this will be under Privacy and security.
    2. If the issue is within the YouTube app:
      1. Open the YouTube app.
      2. Touch Menu, Settings, Search, SafeSearch Filtering.
      3. Touch a filter level.
    3. Go to the browser, and go to
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the web page.
    5. Tap Settings.
    6. Under SafeSearch Filters, select the appropriate filter.
    7. Scroll to the bottom.
    8. Tap the Save button.
    9. Retest the issue.
    10. If problems continue, contact Google.