Battery life quickly drains: Samsung Galaxy S III

    Troubleshoot or learn more about battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S III. This can occur because of a conflict with the sync settings of an Exchange email account setup on the phone and the Exchange server settings.


    If the sync schedule during the Exchange account setup on the phone conflicts or differs  from the Exchange server settings, the Email app on the phone will override any existing schedules and will attempt to sync constantly.

    • The average battery performance is talk time: up to 8 hours, standby time: 15 days.
    • If the battery performance is low and an Exchange email account is not setup on the phone, follow Save and manage battery life: Android.


    Resolution steps


    To fix poor battery performance due to the Exchange email sync, follow these steps:


    1. Delete the email account from the phone and add the account again.
    2. If the issue still persists after deleting/adding the account, upgrade to T999UVDLJA.