'Connection not shared' error: Windows Phone 8X by HTC

Understanding the Issue

If the Tethering or Wi-Fi Sharing features are turned on but the device does not have the correct data plan, the following message appears, “Connection not shared - To enable tethering on this device, go to http://offers.t-mobile.com/tethering/upsell.do for the details. You can also add it online at https://my.t-mobile.com under Manage > Plans and Services.”


Software version affected8.0.9903.10
Software version resolvedNone
Software update resourcesNone
Issue typeIssue



Help & How to

Resolution Steps


To purchase the correct data plan, perform one of the following actions:


  1. Tap the upsell website URL, http://offers.t-mobile.com/tethering/upsell.do, or
  2. Go to https://my.t-mobile.com and add the plan under Manage > Plans and Services.