HTC VIP Service: HTC One


What it is

The HTC VIP service is designed to help you get the most out of your new HTC One device. This service is FREE to all HTC One customers. HTC VIP service will be available starting April 24.




  • Adds a personal touch to the purchasing experience
  • Reduces your frustration associated with the transition to a new platform



How it Works

HTC will be available to support new HTC One with the following information:


  • General device troubleshooting tips
  • How to restore settings from an older device
  • Tips and tricks for new services


HTC will be available to assist with the above services by contacting them directly at 1-866-913-1150 or via online chat at




Customer Education

  1. Visit for access to online chat support.
  2. Contact 1-866-913-1150 for personal one on one support with an HTC One Specialist.
  3. HTC VIP Service supports:
    • Productivity: email, calendar, and more
    • Social: internet and social apps
    • Personalization: background, ringtones, and more
    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • Phone features: camera, video calling, and more




Scope of support



Help you configure and personalize your HTC One to make the most of its features and services.




Support performance or device related issues, including handset exchanges when necessary.





  • Q - Is there a toll free number to call?
  • A - Yes, you can contact HTC directly at 1-866-913-1150.


  • Q - Can I use this service for a handset exchange?
  • A - This service is to help customers configure and personalize their device and make the most of its features and capabilities. For any performance or device issues, the standard process of contacting T-Mobile customer support applies.


  • Q - Should I use a different line, other than my mobile line, to walk through the setup service?
  • A - Yes, we recommend using a different phone so you can access all menus and settings on your mobile phone.