SIM card holder troubleshooting: Dell Inspiron 14Z

Understanding the Issue

What happens and why


The Dell Inspiron 14Z is an embedded laptop that uses a removable SIM tray. The device does not come with a SIM tray removal tool and can be difficult to remove and replace the SIM card. See SIM card instructions: Dell Inspiron 14Z.


The SIM card has been pre inserted to reduce the impact a customer may experience out of the box.



Help & How to

What to expect


Damaged SIM trays are covered under warranty through Dell.


Lost SIM trays are not covered under warranty however will be available for purchase. Dell will replace SIM trays through standard delivery (2-5 days) or expedited shipping for additional cost.


Contact Dell directly to replace a lost or damaged SIM tray.


Resolution steps


If you have misplaced your SIM tray or SIM tray removal tool, you can contact Dell directly for a replacement.