'Invalid SIM' error: Dell Inspiron 14Z

Understanding the Issue

What happens and why


The error, ‘Invalid SIM’ may display as a result of two possible scenarios:

  • See “SIM invalid” error and cannot connect; SIM may be genuinely invalid.
  • See “SIM invalid” error and can connect; the error is likely a result of an issue with the T-Mobile Metro application and is not a genuinely invalid SIM.



Help & How to

Resolution steps


To resolve the Invalid SIM error, follow these steps:


Uninstall the T-Mobile Metro application. When the application is fixed, you will receive an alert to download it again.


To access T-Mobile account information, log into My T-Mobile via the Browser.


Additional information


There is an issue with the T-Mobile Metro application, preventing proper functionality. The issue is being addressed and there will be an update soon.


T-Mobile Metro is a T-Mobile application that allows access to T-Mobile account information. This application is not installed by default. You can obtain the application by either:

  • Following a prompt to install on first power-up, or
  • Download the application from Windows Marketplace.