Cannot view SIM card information via T-Mobile Metro: Dell Inspiron 14Z

Understanding the Issue

What happens and why


Upon SIM card activation a ‘Welcome’ message is sent to the SIM card to update it with the MSISDN and other activation information. Though the ‘Welcome’ message is received, the SIM card information is not viewable by the T-Mobile Metro app until the device is shut down and powered back on.


Note: The device must be turned on within 72 hours of SIM activation because if the ‘Welcome’ message is not received within 72 hours, the message is deleted.



Help & How to

Resolution steps


To ensure that the T-Mobile Metro app is able to display SIM card information, perform the following actions:


  1. Ensure that the device is turned on within 72 hours of SIM card activation.
  2. Turn the device off and back on.



To view customer information via Windows 8 OS:


  1. Connect your device to the T-Mobile network.
  2. If necessary, press the Windows key and then click the Desktop tile to navigate to the Desktop screen.
  3. From the Desktop screen, click the Networks icon.
  4. Hover your cursor over the T-Mobile Broadband connection.
    • Note: If you device is not connected to the T-Mobile network, the message “No service” displays.
  5. Right-click over the T-Mobile Broadband connection and then click View connection properties.
  6. If necessary, click the Subscription tab.