Screen or touch screen issues

Troubleshoot issues with your device's screen (for example, it's blank, doesn't respond, flashes, flickers, or has a dead pixel).


If you need help with doing any step, visit the Devices page, select your device, and find the steps.


To fix this issue:


  1. Sometimes, a screen issue can be mistaken for other problems. See related help:

  2. Check the following:
    • Your screen isn't cracked or damaged. If it is damaged, contact us.
    • Your device has the latest software version.
    • Your screen is clean of dirt and oil. The screen should feel smooth.
    • You're not using any accessories, such as screen protectors or cases. If you are, remove them and retest the issue.
    • You're using your fingertip to touch the screen. If you're using a stylus or finger nail, the touch screen won't see that touch.
    • You've removed your SD card. If the problem only happens when your SD card is inserted, then the root cause of the issue is the SD card, and you may need a new one.
  3. Check the liquid damage indicator (LDI). If your device has liquid damage, contact us.
  4. Check if this problem happens when using multiple apps or a specific app:
    • If this problem happens when running multiple apps, your device may be low on memory. Close one or more apps.
    • If this problem happens when running a specific app, uninstall that app and retest the issue.
  5. Check if the screen has a dead spot. Rotate your screen from portrait to landscape, or vertical to horizontal.
    • If the dead spot moves between orientations, then reset your device.
    • If the dead spot stays in the same location, contact us.
  6. If you can, reset the device. If you're using an Android device, wipe the cache partition before doing the reset.Then, retest the issue.
  7. If the steps didn't resolve the issue, contact us for additional support.