Screen problems on an Android device

    Troubleshoot problems with the touch screen not responding, has a lagged response, or you have a dead spot on your screen. These problems can be due to physical damage, dust, or other issues.


    If you need help performing any step, check the how-to guides for your device on the Phones page.


    To fix this issue:

    1. Make sure of the following:
      • Your screen isn't cracked or damaged. If it is, contact us.
      • Your device is on the latest software version.
      • You're not using any accessories such as screen protectors or cases. If you are, remove them and retest the issue.
      • You're using your fingertip.If you're using a stylus or finger nail, the capacitive touch screen cannot see that touch.
      • Your screen is clean from dirt or oil. The screen should feel smooth.
    2. Check for the following:
    3. Check if this problem happens when using multiple apps or a specific app:
    4. Check if the screen problem is a dead spot:
      • If the dead spot stays in the same physical location, then the issue is hardware-related. Contact us for additional support.
      • If the dead spot moves when in landscape mode, then the issue is software-related. Reset the device.
    5. If the issue persists, contact us for additional support.