Crackling or popping noise on phone calls: HTC One S

Troubleshoot or learn more about audio interference or crackling and popping noise when on phone calls.  This crackling or popping noise only happens on the One S earpiece. The other party does not hear it.


To fix this issue:

  1. To improve the audio, update the device software.
  2. If problems continue after software update, perform a master reset.
  3. If on Wi-Fi calling, disconnect and reconnect to Wi-Fi router.
  4. If problems continue after software update and master reset, turn airplane mode on and then off again.
  5. Lower the device volume.
  6. If using a headset or Bluetooth, disconnect it.
  7. Follow standard troubleshooting for network related issues to  verify that customer is not experiencing bad signal (ICM, IHLR etc,).
  8. Place a test call to verify the crackling or popping does not happen.
  9. If problems continue, verify the correct SIM is in device.
  10. Verify that the SIM cover is closed securely on device.
  11. If problems continue, contact us.