Battery indicator is grey: HTC Amaze 4G

Understanding the Issue



  • Battery indicator is gray, instead of showing battery life
  • Device may turn off
  • Charging may take longer or never show as complete


What happens and why


This indicator shows that the device is not correctly reading the charge from the battery. This could be due to using a third party battery or due to a third-party charger damaging the battery.



Help & How to

Resolution Steps


  1. Remove the battery from device and verify that contacts are clean.
    Note: If there is corrosion or debris, clean contacts on the battery with slightly damp cloth. Wait until battery is fully dry before reinserting into device.
  2. If another device is available, test the battery in another device (or test a different battery in the device).
  3. Uninstall all third-party battery or task manager apps.
  4. If the problem continues, contact HTC Support for a replacement battery at +1-866-449-8358
  5. If the problem continues, perform a master reset.