White HTC loading screen displays after exiting application: T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide

Understanding the Issue

  • Device appears to restart
  • Device appears to crash but gives no error
  • Loading or HTC screens when going to Home screens


What happens and why

After exiting an application or widget by pressing the Home or Back key, the device may go to the white HTC loading screen or a 'loading' prompt prior to getting to the Home screen. It causes a delay going to the home screen.


This is not a sign the device is broken, and it is not making the device unusable. This is due to how Android manages apps. When using all the available memory (RAM), Android turns off the Home screen app; when returning to the Home screen, Android has to open it again.


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Help & How to

Resolution steps

To resolve the white screen, follow these steps:


  1. Update the device software to version. You may still need to manage memory.
  2. Uninstall all task manager or battery manager apps.
  3. Remove widgets from the Home screens. Touch and hold widgets, and drag them to the trash icon.
    Note: You can re-add widgets one-by-one, and ensure that the problem does not return when you add each one.
  4. Turn off running apps:
    1. From Home screen, pull the status bar down.
    2. Tap Quick settings on bottom of screen.
    3. Tap Total Memory.
    4. Select Kill All at bottom of screen. This will temporary resolve the issue.
  5. Follow other steps of Manage memory (RAM) on Android.