Prepaid plans

T-Mobile has different types of Prepaid plans to fit your needs. If you're already on a prepaid plan, but you're looking at moving to a postpaid plan, read about switching to a postpaid plan.



Things to know about our prepaid plans

  • A credit check is not required, and no deposit is needed to activate service.
  • Whenever your account reaches $10 or less, you'll hear your balance every time you place a call. When you have less than 1 minute of talk time remaining on your account, you'll hear warning tones on your phone. Learn how to refill your Prepaid account.
  • If your minutes aren't used by the expiration date, they expire and are removed from your account. Keep in mind that remaining talk time is non-refundable. If you're qualified for Data Stash, then your unused 4G LTE data is automatically rolled over into the next month. Learn about Data Stash.
  • When purchasing downloaded content for your prepaid device, you'll need to use a personal credit card or debit card when purchasing downloadable content. Please contact your financial institution about any billing concerns related to the specific download. If you need help with the app, please contact the third-party content provider.
  • Long-distance call charges:
    • Domestic long distance calls can be made at no additional charge.
    • International call charges vary depending on the country you're calling and the plan you're on. For example, you can save more using Stateside International Talk & Text.



T-Mobile ONE Prepaid

The benefits of T-Mobile ONE are also available if you prefer a prepaid plan.


See plan details and benefits of T-Mobile ONE for Prepaid. Or, if you're looking for information about our postpaid plans, read about T-Mobile ONE.



T-Mobile ONE Domestic only Prepaid

The benefits of T-Mobile ONE are also available on a domestic prepaid plan.


See plan details and benefits of T-Mobile ONE Domestic Only for Prepaid.



Simply Prepaid plan

The benefits of simply everything you need.


See plan details and benefits of Simply Prepaid plans.



Pay As You Go

Here's a simple way to stay connected: Pay As You Go! This is perfect if you only make or receive a small number of calls or texts each month.


See plan details and benefits of Pay As You Go for Prepaid.



Prepaid Mobile Internet

Prepaid Mobile Internet service allows you to use devices such as laptop sticks, tablets, and mobile HotSpot devices to access data with prepaid service.


See plan details and benefits of Mobile Internet for Prepaid.