T-Mobile Advantage Program

The T-Mobile Advantage™ Program lets you receive additional benefits or rewards based on your affiliation with your military branch of service, company, organization, or government agency. Check your organization's eligibility.



How it works

The benefits of the Advantage Program depend on when you signed up for the program.


If you were part of the Advantage Program on or before March 31, 2014, you'll continue to receive a monthly discount. Even if you add a line after March 31, 2014, that new line is also eligible for the discount as long as your adding the line onto a qualifying account and plan. Keep in mind, we may need to verify your information and current plan selection periodically to validate your eligibility, such as if you're still employed with a company.


If you enrolled in the Advantage Program on or after April 1, 2014, you'll receive a $25 T-Mobile Advantage Reward Card every time you purchase a new phone, device, or tablet. You can use your reward card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted or at any T-Mobile store toward the purchase of a new phone or accessories, or apply it to your bill. For more information, read how to get your T-Mobile Advantage Reward Card.


Things you should know

  • There are some companies and organization which still provide a discount to customers joining the program after March 31, 2014. To find out if your company or organization still provides a discount, please contact your Human Resources department.
  • Magenta/T-Mobile ONE plans aren't eligible for a service discount.
  • Magenta/T-Mobile ONE Military plans also aren’t eligible for the $25 Reward Card.



To sign up for the Advantage Program, we first need to check your eligibility. To do so, you just need to provide some information by filling out a short form. If you have questions or run into issues during the enrollment process, contact Customer Service. We're here for you!


Have a work email address?

If you have a work email address, complete the steps here. If eligible, you’ll receive an enrollment email and form at your work email address. Simply click Enroll online and complete the enrollment form for instant approval.


Don't have a work email address?

If you don't have a work email address, complete the steps here. If eligible, you’ll be asked to fill out and submit an online enrollment form. Once submitted, you’ll receive a response within 3-5 business days.



Periodically, we ask Advantage Program participants to confirm their eligibility for the program to continue receiving this discount. The re-verification window is only open at certain times. If it shows it's closed and you'd like to continue to be part of the Advantage Program, you'll need to follow the enrollment steps above.


Even if you've changed employers or affiliations, we encourage you to complete the verification process to make sure that you're enjoying any benefits that may be currently available. If you choose not to complete the verification process, the discount will be removed from all lines on your account and you'll see this change reflected on an upcoming bill.


Note: If you successfully re-verify your eligibility, you may receive a text message letting you know that your Advantage Program has changed. This is a service message that lets you know that your re-verification was successful. No further action is needed.


If you have questions about the T-Mobile Advantage Program, read the Advantage Program Re-Verification Process FAQs.