T-Mobile Advantage Program

The T-Mobile Advantage™ Program lets you receive additional benefits or rewards based on your affiliation with your military branch of service, company, organization, or government agency. Check your organization's eligibility. Magenta/T-Mobile ONE Military and T-Mobile ONE plans aren't eligible.


How it works

The benefits of the Advantage Program depend on when you signed up for the program.


If you were part of the Advantage Program on or before March 31, 2014, you'll continue to receive a monthly discount even for a line after that date as long as you're adding it to a qualifying account and plan. Enrollment on or after April 1, 2014, you'll get a $25 T-Mobile Advantage Reward Card every time you purchase a new phone, device, or tablet. You can use your reward card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted or use it to pay your bill.  aren’t eligible for the $25 Reward Card.



Periodically, we ask participants to check their eligibility for the program to keep getting this discount. The re-verification window is only open at certain times. If it shows it's closed and you'd like to continue to be part of this program, you'll need to re-verify using the link below.



Ready to enroll?  You can use your e-mail address or other info to take advantage of the program.



Don't have a work email address?


Have more questions about the program? Read the Advantage Program Re-Verification Process FAQs.