Setup guide: Apple

    Learn how to get started using a BYOD iPhone or iPad.





    Getting started

    If you have purchased an iPhone or iPad directly from Apple or T-Mobile and already have service, your device is already set up properly. The steps below are only for iPhones and iPads not purchased from T-Mobile.


    To get started using a BYOD iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:


    1. Choose the right Apple device for you
      • T-Mobile recommends you buy an iPhone® directly from T-Mobile or  Apple®, either from their online store or at a retail location. You can also find an T-Mobile Contract Free iPhone® on Amazon and other popular online retailers.
        • Note: We do not recommend getting an unofficially unlocked iPhone® (jailbroken), as some services and features may not work on the T-Mobile network. Additionally, software updates, when available, may re-lock the device.
    2. Select the right SIM card
      • Depending on which model iPhone® you have, you may need a new SIM card.
      • Use the online SIM checker to determine which SIM card you need.
    3. Activate your line
      • If you are not currently a T-Mobile customer, and need help activating a line of service for your iPhone or iPad, choose a plan that is right for you, or Contact Us.
        • For Simple Choice (post paid) activations: 1-877-746-0909
        • For Pay in Advance (prepaid) activations: 1-877-778-2107
      • If you are currently a T-Mobile customer, see Update your SIM card for steps to change you SIM card.
    4. Complete the First Use Configuration & activation.
    5. Setup internet and picture message settings
    6. Personalize your device
      • Now that your Internet and phone services are working, it’s time to customize your device.

      • Review the Help & How To's for information on:
        • Transferring contacts from Gmail

        • Setting up and using FaceTime

        • Setting up and using iCloud

        • Using Siri (iPhone 4S & 5)




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