Update your SIM card

    Learn how to update or change your SIM card online.


    You may need to update your SIM card if:

    • You've purchased a new phone, tablet, or internet device that uses a different type of SIM card.
    • You're replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged SIM card.
    • You got a new SIM card to unlock new features, such as Wi-Fi Calling.


    Note: Voicemail and downloaded Visual Voicemail messages will be deleted when changing your SIM card.



    To update your SIM card:


    1. Back up any contacts you saved to the SIM card, using Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft account, an SD card, or other options. This varies by device.
    2. Check the type of SIM card your phone needs. See SIM card types.
    3. Make sure you have the SIM card type your phone needs. If you don't have the correct type, you'll need to purchase a SIM card.
    4. In My T-Mobile, click Phone at the top, then click Change SIM.
    5. Choose the line you are changing the SIM on and click Next.
    6. Choose how to verify your account, then click Next:
      • Text message: Enter the code you receive in a text message and click Next.
      • Security questions: Answer the security questions and click Next.
    7. Follow the instructions to remove your old SIM and insert your new SIM.
    8. Enter your new SIM card number and click Next.
    9. Review your changes, then click Submit.
    10. If you still need help, contact us.