Dropbox app

    Learn about the Dropbox app. Get tips, how tos, and troubleshooting all on this page.



    Dropbox details

    App features

    • Receive 2 GB of space at no additional cost
    • Automatically upload pictures you take to your Dropbox account
    • Easily share documents, videos and images with others
    • Automatically sync files between multiple computers
    • Ensured security: Dropbox uses the same secure methods and banks



    App requirements

    • You must have a data plan.
    • Additional storage is available through purchase or referring a friend.
      • Monthly:
        • 50GB for $9.99 per month
        • 100GB for $19.99 per month
      • Yearly:
        • 50GB for $99 per year
        • 100GB for $199 per year
      • Purchase must be made via Credit Card or PayPal account.
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    How tos

    Set passcode lock

    To set a passcode lock, follow these steps:


    1. Launch Dropbox
    2. Press the Menu key
    3. Press Settings
    4. Press Passcode lock
    5. Press Turn Passcode On
    6. Enter your desired Passcode
    7. Re-enter your Passcode



    Upload files

    To upload files, follow these steps:


    1. Launch Dropbox
    2. Press Uploads
    3. Select the type of file to upload
    4. Select the file to be uploaded
    5. Press Upload



    Share files

    To share files, follow these steps:


    1. Launch Dropbox
    2. Select the type of file to share
    3. Press Share
    4. Select the location to share the file to, or copy link
    5. Enter any required or desired information for the shared location.



    Upgrade storage

    To upgrade your storage, follow these steps:


    1. Sign in to your DropBox account
    2. From the www.dropbox.com homes creen, select Pricing
    3. Choose the option based on your storage needs
    4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete payment information




    To troubleshoot problems with the Dropbox app, follow these steps:


    Basic troubleshooting

    Complete these steps before proceeding to specific issues.


    • Recreate the Issue
      1. Try to access your Dropbox on your phone.
      2. Try to perform the function that is not working and provide any error messages.
      3. Try to perform another function within Dropbox and see if that function works.
    • Test general Web Access
      1. Access MobileLife Web.
      2. Access an external web site like www.google.com or www.cnn.com
    • Test the phone responsiveness or close all apps
      1. Remove and reinsert the battery.
      2. Restart the phone.
      3. Use Dropbox again and try to perform the function that previously failed.
      4. Check if the phone and Dropbox apps are running the most recent software version. If they are not, update the software version and attempt again.



    Advanced troubleshooting

    If the issue is not resolved, escalations need to be referred directly to Dropbox.


    1. Go to www.dropbox.com/help
    2. Submit a help request