Calling incorrect phone number: T-Mobile myTouch by Huawei

Troubleshoot or learn more about when the phone number for a contact saved in Contacts is entered manually, but the area code is entered in wrong, the Calling screen indicates that the contact is being called but the call actually goes to the incorrectly entered phone number.


To fix this issue:

  1. From the Dialer screen, manually enter the 10-digit phone number for a contact that is saved in Contacts, but enter the area code incorrectly. Only the area code, the other 7 digits must correctly match the contacts saved phone number.figure1.png
  2. Tap green Phone icon to initiate the call.
  3. The Calling screen will display, indicating that the contact is being called. It will also show the incorrect area code.
  4. The phone number actually called is what was manually entered into the Dialer screen, not the contact’s phone number as it is saved in Contacts.


To ensure that the correct phone number is called:

  • Initiate the call from Contacts
  • Be careful to enter the correct area code when dialing manually