Cannot use IVR systems or log in to conference calls: T-Mobile myTouch Q by Huawei

Understanding the Issue

What happens and why


When using both Wi-Fi Calling and Speakerphone mode, IVR phone systems are unable to recognize DTMF tones, preventing use of IVR systems and logging in to a conference call.



Help & How to

Resolution steps

To resolve this issue, update your device software to the latest version.



To successfully enter DTMF tones required to use IVR services or to log in to a conference call, perform the following actions:


  • If using Wi-Fi Calling and Speakerphone mode, turn off Speakerphone mode before entering the IVR selections or conference call login code. Once successfully connected or logged in to the conference call, turn Speakerphone mode back on.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi Calling before initiating the call. If Wi-Fi Calling is disabled and the call connects via cellular service, Speakerphone mode can be left on throughout.


For additional DTMF troubleshooting, please refer to: h