Home screen appears in wrong mode or direction: T-Mobile myTouch Q by Huawei

Understanding the Issue

What happens and why


The Home screen will appear for the first couple seconds in  the direction it was when the device was locked.


For example, if the device was locked while in Landscape  mode, is then turned to Portrait mode, and then unlocked, the Home screen will  appear in Landscape mode for a couple seconds before transitioning to Portrait  mode.


To reproduce, perform the following actions:


  1. Hold the  device in Landscape orientation.
  2. Press  the Power/Lock key to lock the screen.
  3. Turn the  device to Portrait orientation.
  4. Press  the Power/Lock key to wake the display.
  5. Tough  and drag the Lock icon down to unlock the screen.
  6. Notice  that the Home screen is in Landscape mode for the first couple seconds.



Help & How to

What to expect

The Home screen will quickly reorient after a couple of seconds.


Resolution steps

To resolve this issue, please update your software to the latest version.