Streaming music skips: HTC One S

    Understanding the Issue



    • While listening to streaming music services, the music will sometimes skip.
    • Streaming music may unexpectedly change tracks.


    What happens & why

    links may not open as expected in emails you receive. This is currently affecting AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo email accounts, but this may also affect other smaller email providers.



    Help & How to

    Resolution steps


    When streaming music skips, there can be three possible causes:


    • Insufficient signal / slow data
      Verify your phone is on 4G service, and has at least 3 bars of signal. You can also test loading web pages to see if they load slowly.
      If you have low signal or slow data, troubleshoot that instead.
    • Application problems
      If you have problems with streaming music apps, leave feedback for the developer. Either contact them through the Play Store or leave a review, so they an investigate the problem.
    • Device software
      Update to the latest software version. It resolves any device software problems.