Voicemail indicator stuck: T-Mobile myTouch Q by LG

Understanding the Issue



  • Message waiting indicator automatically populates after activation.
  • When checking voicemail inbox indicates there are no messages available.


What happens and why


The message waiting indicator (MWI) populates due to an automatic system update for new SIM card activations. The MWI was created to encourage new customers to set up their voicemail inbox and greeting, but has not been updated to fit the changes for new SIM cards for existing customers.


The voicemail systems will be updated shortly to remove this prompt, based on the SIM card evolution that has occurred.


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Help & How to

Resolution steps


To fix the message waiting indicator being stuck, follow these steps:


  1. Understand that this was a system update created to encourage new customers to update their voicemail greetings and inbox. Updates are being made to remove this notification.
  2. To manually delete the indicator:
    1. Leave a voicemail in your mailbox
    2. Listen to the whole message and delete it.
    3. After deleting it, hit the star (*) key to go to the main menu.
    4. Disconnect the call.