Cannot update to Android 4.0 (ICS): HTC Amaze 4G

Understanding the Issue



  • When checking for updates, phone says it is up to date and no updates available
  • Update is available but download does not complete
  • Update process shows corrupted file and fails


What happens and why


This problem can be related to the Amaze 4G storing unused files in the background, and causing low memory. These unused files cannot be removed by clearing the cache normally.


HTC has developed an Amaze Memory Clear application to remove these files. It will not remove anything you have stored on the device.


After you update the device to Android 4.0, the Amaze will no longer store these files in your device memory. However, you may still have some left from before the update, so HTC recommends running the Amaze Memory Clear app once after the update.



Help & How to

Resolution steps


To fix the device not updating, follow these steps:


  1. Clear a special Amaze memory cache to free up space. HTC has provided a tool to help with this.
    1. Open the Play Store.
    2. Search for “Amaze Memory Clear”.


    3. Download and install application.
      Note: If application is unable to download due to low memory on device, please uninstall another application on the device and attempt to re-download the app.
    4. Open Amaze Memory Clear. Update successful should display on the top of the screen.
  2. Charge the device over 50% (or 100% for best results) to pull down the update.
  3. Perform the software update:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Touch Settings.
    3. Touch About phone.
    4. Touch HTC software updates.
    5. Touch Check now.
    6. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. If you still cannot update, perform a master reset:
    1. From Settings, touch SD and phone storage.
    2. Touch Factory data reset.
    3. Touch Reset Phone.
    4. Verify that that Erase SD card is not selected in order to minimize data loss.
  5. Perform the software update again.
  6. If you still cannot update, check if the device is modified or rooted:
    1. Does the phone show a blue Android mascot with an exclamation point in a triangle?
      • Yes, then the phone is likely rooted. Contact HTC for additional support.
      • No, continue to the next step.
    2. Check the software is a version that supports the update:
      • 1.43.531.3
      • 1.36.531.6
      • 1.36.531.5
        Note: Software versions 2.14.531.1 710RD and 2.14.531.3 710RD already have Android 4.0 (ICS). If the device does not have one of these versions, the device has been modified and not supported. Contact HTC for additional support.
    3. Remove the battery.
    4. Re-insert the battery.
    5. Press and hold the Volume Down key.
    6. While holding Volume Down, press the Power key to turn on the phone.
    7. The bootloader will appear, with Androids on the bottom of the screen.
    8. Check if the top the screen says S-Off.
      Note: If the screen shows S-Off, the device is rooted. Contact HTC for additional support.
    9. If you still cannot update, and the above steps did not ask you to contact HTC, then please contact us.