Restarts & unresponsive troubleshooting : HTC Amaze 4G

Understanding the Issue



  • Random reboots during normal usage
  • Master reset fixes the issue for only a short time
  • Slow down or stuttering during phone navigation
  • Certain applications will stop working or error, and then force close
  • Preinstalled applications such as Gmail, Camera, or Settings take more than two seconds to open
  • After master reset and restart no additional market or sideloaded applications are installed and issue recurs.


What happens and why


This problem can be related to the Amaze 4G storing unused files in the background, and causing low memory. These unused files cannot be removed by clearing the cache normally.


HTC has developed an Amaze Memory Clear application to remove these files. It will not remove anything you have stored on the device.


After you update the device to Android 4.0, the Amaze will no longer store these files in your device memory. However, you may still have some left from before the update, so HTC recommends running the Amaze Memory Clear app once after the update.



Help & How to

Resolution steps


To fix the device slow downs and restarts, follow these steps:


Clear and optimize memory

  1. Verify the software version is up to date:
    1. From Settings, touch About phone.
    2. Touch HTC Software updates.
    3. Touch Check Now.
  2. Uninstall all applications you installed the past week.
    Note: If the problem has happened for longer than a week, uninstall all applications.
  3. Clear a special Amaze memory cache to free up space. HTC has provided a tool to help with this.
    1. Open the Play Store.
    2. Search for Amaze Memory Clear.


    3. Download and install application.
      Note: If application is unable to download due to low memory on device, please uninstall another application on the device and attempt to redownload the app.
    4. Open Amaze Memory Clear. Update successful should display on the top of the screen.
  4. Wipe the cache partition.
  5. Uninstall any task manager, battery manager, or other potentially disruptive applications.
  6. Remove widgets on the Home screens:
    1. Touch and hold each widget.
    2. Drag it to the trash or remove icon on the screen.
    3. Add widgets back throughout the course of a few, watching to see if the device slows down again after you add it.
  7. Navigate to Settings, Apps, Running and look for apps you installed in this section. Third-party applications running at all times will cause device related slowdowns.
  8. Test if the device is working normally.


If problems continue

  1. Follow: Device is slow / freezes / restarts / displays memory errors
    Note: The doc will ask you to master reset, which you can do at:
    1. From Settings, touch SD and phone storage.
    2. Touch Factory data reset.
    3. Touch Reset Phone.
    4. Verify that that Erase SD card is not selected in order to minimize data loss.
  2. After master reset, be sure to review the memory management information and  do not install any apps or sync accounts for up to 72 hours.
  3. Install applications one per day, so that you can tell if the device slows down or crashes after installing one. If it does, then uninstall the app causing the problem.