Emergency mode error during ICS update: Samsung Galaxy S II

Understanding the Issue

  • Error: 'Emergency Mode'
  • 'Emergency firmware recovery'

gsii ics er mode.JPG


Software version affectedT989UVLE1
Software version resolvedNA
Software update resourcesNA
Issue typeKnown Issue



Help & How to

What to expect

This error occurs during the ICS update on the Samsung Galaxy S II.


Resolution steps
  1. Disconnect your device from the PC.
  2. Exit the Kies software.
  3. Launch the Kies software after it fully exited.
  4. Reconnect the device to the PC. (If the PC does not recognize the device or it is not connected properly, you will not be able to move forward in the Emergency recovery screen.)
  5. Click Tools at the top left of the Kies window.
  6. Click the Emergency recovery.
  7. gsii ics er recovery 1.JPG

  8. The  Update will begin.
  9. Note: DO NOT disconnect the cable connected to the PC.
  10. Read the caution message and then click Start upgrade.
  11. gsii ics er recovery 2.JPG

  12. The Firmware upgrade will start.




If firmware update fails continuously in emergency mode, try it on another PC after writing down the Recovery Code.

    1. Run Emergency firmware recovery on your original PC.
    2. Write down the Recovery code for later use.

gsii ics er recovery 3.JPG

    1. Run Kies on the other PC and enter Emergency firmware recovery.

gsii ics er recovery 4.JPG

    1. Click Emergency recovery using the recovery code.
    2. Input the Recovery code.
    3. Click Emergency recovery.
    4. Update begins.
    5. Start the Upgrade.

gsii ics er recovery 5.JPG

    1. Check progress bar for completion.

gsii ics er recovery 6.JPG


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