Error: ‘Enter MAC address’ after entering MAC address: Samsung Galaxy S III

    Understanding the Issue

    What happens and why

    You  will receive the error, ‘Enter MAC address' after entering the correct MAC address in the Mobile HotSpot configuration page if the MAC address entered did not contain the colons (:) or spaces.

    To be accepted, the MAC address must look like: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX


    The following formats will receive the error:

    • XX : XX : XX : XX : XX :      XX


    To receive the error:

    1. Turn on Mobile HotSpot.
    2. Open Mobile HotSpot Configuration.
    3. Tap Allowed device list.
    4. Tap Add.
    5. In the MAC address field, enter the desired MAC address but do not include colons [:].
    6. Tap OK.
    7. Receive error.


    Software version affectedT999UVLEM
    Software version resolvedT999UVLH2
    Software update resourcesSoftware Update
    Issue typeKnown Issue



    Help & How to

    What to expect

    In the expected behavior, the colons are added automatically and you do not have to enter them when entering a MAC address.

    T-Mobile and Samsung have addressed this in the latest update.


    Resolution steps

    To resolve this issue, update the software to the latest version.



    Include the colons while entering the MAC address.

    Note: When  entering the MAC address and colons, a space is sometimes added automatically. Those spaces must be deleted so that the format is: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX.