Signal fluctuations: HTC One S

    Understanding the Issue



    • Signal strength may appear to fluctuate between low and high.
    • Signal may jump between 4G, 3G, and 2G.


    What happens and why


    The HTC One S signal may fluctuate between no signal, 2G and 4G. Signal bars may also change.



    Help & How to

    Resolution steps

    To correct signal fluctuations on the HTC One S, follow these steps:


    1. Update to the latest software version. It resolves any device software problems.
    2. If the phone gets stuck on 2G after an update and does not fluctuate, see: Stuck on 2G / cannot connect to 4G after software update.
    3. Remove the back cover.
    4. When it is off:
      • Ensure that SIM cover does not have damage using a visual inspection (brass contacts should not be scratched off with plastic visible). Verify there are no breaks or bends in the plastic or metal.
      • Make sure the Power button sticks up, and is not depressed under the edge.
    5. Verify the correct SIM is in device.
    6. Put the the back cover on securely, ensuring the the contacts connect.
    7. Check signal fluctuation using a different T-Mobile device.