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    What is Kies Air

    Kies Air allows you to easily manage  phone content on any computer wirelessly. 



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    Kies Air is preloaded on select devices

    • Samsung Exhibit II 4G
    • Samsung Galaxy S II
    • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

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    • Wirelessly playback music, photos and videos stored on your device directly to your computer.
    • Transfer files and manage device contacts wirelessly from your computer.
    • Customize your device by changing the wallpaper, your ringtone and even setting bookmarks wirelessly from your computer.


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    Purchase Support

    • Kies Air is a completely free application with no in-application purchase options.


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    How To's

    Sync Content

      1. Launch Kies Air.
      2. Click Start
      3. If you are not already on Wi-Fi, select the desired network.
      4. A URL will appear on your device. This URL is secure to your device only.
      5. Enter the URL into the browser on your PC.
      6. Follow the instructions on your PC browser.
    • Note: For issues with the PC sync, refer to Samsung for additional assistance.

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    For all PC related issues, refer to Samsung for additional assistance.


    No URL is displaying on Device

    1. Recreate the Issue
      • Access Kies Air on their device.
      • Attempt to perform the function that is not working and provide you with any error messages.
      • Verify the steps taken with How To's listed above.
      • Have the customer attempt to perform another function within Kies Airand provide you the results.
    2. Check for Content Blocking.
      • Content Blocking will disable your ability to sign up for Kies Air.
    3. Test general Web Access
    4. Restart your device or close all applications
      • Remove the battery from the device.
      • Replace the battery and restart the device.
      • Attempt to use Kies Air again and perform the function that previously failed.
    5. Contact Samsung
      • If all of the above troubleshooting has been completed, then the issue is related to the Kies Air application.

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