Software upgrade: T-Mobile SpringBoard

Understanding the update

Beginning August 29th, a software update will be available for the T-Mobile SpringBoard. This update will be available via OTA.


Software versions

See also: Check the Software version.

  • Current Version
    • Android version 4.0.3 / Software version S7-303uV100R001C201B035
    • Baseband version:   313206
    • Release Date: 8/29/2012
  • Past Versions
    • Android version 3.2 / Software version S7-303uV100R001C201B030
      • Baseband version:   313206
      • Release Date: 5/14/2012
    • Android version 3.2  / Software version  S7-303uV100R001C201B027
      • Baseband version  3132
      • Release Date:   12/10/2011
  • Improvements:
    • UI performance improvements (improved touch experience)
    • Unrecognized SIM Card Error
    • Power and Reboot Fixes
    • Wi-Fi Connection Improvement
    • Improved Memory Allocation - critical update to allow device to receive future OS updates
  • Prerequisites:
    • More than 50% battery life or device plugged into a wall charger
    • Data or Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi Connection is recommended)
    • 90MB available memory



Help & How To

Manually download the update

You may request the update from the update servers, even if you have not received the Over the Air (OTA) update.


To download or check for updates, follow these steps:


  1. From the Home screen, press the Applications key.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch About tablet.
  4. Touch System updates (Google).
  5. Touch Check now.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  7. Allow your tablet to restart. DO NOT touch the tablet until the home screen appears.



Download Over the Air (OTA) software update

After receiving a notification that you received the OTA update, you may download it. To download, follow these steps:


You will receive this notification message when the update is available for you:


"This important software upgrade contains key improvements to Wi-Fi connection, improved touch experience and additional bug fixes to address occasional resets and SIM Card recognition.  Although you will not be charged for data usage, a Wi-Fi network is highly recommended.  Please make sure that the tablet is plugged into a wall outlet or has a minimum of 50% battery life before you install the update.


Important: This software update is a required to receive future Operating System updates for this device.  All your previously configured accounts (Gmail, Exchange etc.) and applications will be completely retained after the update.”


  1. From the message Notification Screen, touch Download.
  2. Touch Install Now.
  3. Allow your tablet to restart. DO NOT touch the tablet until the home screen appears.