Cannot turn on or does not respond: HTC One S

Troubleshoot or learn more about situations where the device does not appear to turn on or respond to key presses, has a black screen and no audio plays, or the battery dies and device won’t power on.  There are two primary reasons this may happen:


  • Battery charge is low, 5% or lower. The device will not turn on until charged enough.
  • Device is not in default operation mode.  This can be caused when the Volume Up key is pressed while the device turns off. device was last powered down.


To fix this issue:

  1. Update device to the latest software version.
  2. Remove the back cover over the SIM card, and put it back on securely. It should be flat with the top of the device, or the Power key will not respond.
  3. Check the back cover and device for damage.
  4. Replace the back cover. Ensure that you follow the correct procedure when putting cover on the back of the device : Back cover removal: HTC One S.
  5. Connect the charging cable to the device, and plug it into a wall outlet.
    Note: Do not charge using a USB connection or computer if you are having this problem. Using a non HTC charger may invalidate your warranty.
  6. Allow the device to charge for 30 minutes:
    • Within 5 minutes of charging, the LED should start flashing green.
    • Within 10 minutes of charging, the LED should stay a steady green.
    • Continue charging for 30 minutes.
  7. Press the and hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  8. Release the Power button.
  9. Wait a few seconds for the device to turn on.
      • If the device turns on, check the level of charge on the battery indicator. If the battery is less than 100%, continue charging until it is full.
      • If device is still not powering on, press and hold power button and volume down for up to 30 seconds.
          1. If the device remains unresponsive or cannot turn on, continue troubleshooting: Cannot turn on or charge device: Android
          2. Please be aware HTC is working on a software update that is expected to improve device responsiveness and turning on.