Device turns off unexpectedly: HTC One S

    Understanding the Issue



    • Devce turns off without warning
    • Must plug device into charger to turn it on


    What happens and why


    The phone may appear to turn off with no warning. Some possible causes are:


    • No low battery warning on software version 1.53.531.16 710RD
    • Storing the device in a tight pocket or small space may press and hold the power button.
    • Third-party apps
    • Third-party charger



    Help & How to

    Resolution steps

    To resolve the device turning of unexpectedly, follow these steps:


    1. Update the software version. This resolves the software-related problems.
    2. Be aware:
      • Do not use a third-party charger. A low-powered charger can lead to incorrect battery sensor calibration. This voids your warranty.
      • Do not store the device in a tight pocket or small space may press the Power key and turn it off.
      • Turn off Wi-Fi whenever you are not using it.
    3. Remove all third-party apps that were added since the problem started.
    4. When the device turns off, plug it into the wall charger. The LED light should begin to flash. Allow the device to charge until the LED is glowing solid.
    5. Press the Power button to turn on the device.
    6. If the device has problems turning on, press and hold the Power button for at least 10 seconds. Repeat if necessary.
    7. If problems continue, see: Device randomly turns off.
    8. If problems continue, HTC is developing a future software update to improve this device performance.