Perform a restart or battery pull alternative: HTC One S

    Understanding the Issue

    What happens and why


    If the device freezes or the screen goes black, it is not possible to remove the battery from the HTC One S in order to restart it.



    Help & How to

    What to expect


    • This procedure will cut of the electric current from the battery, and cause the device to restart. It is an alternate to removing and re-inserting the battery.
    • This will not master reset the device, and will not delete any data.


    Resolution steps


    To restart the device as an alternate to pulling the battery, follow these steps:


    1. Press and hold the Power key for approximately ten seconds.
      Note: While pressing the Power key, the lights behind the Back, Home, and Recent Apps keys will flash on and off. If the device is responsive, it will display a warning before starting.


    2. Then the device will restart.
    3. Release the key.