Clicking and popping during calls after software update V21y: T-Mobile G2x

Understanding the Issue



  • Loud popping or clicking noise heard on incoming or outgoing calls
  • Static or loud squealing heard on incoming or outgoing calls


What happens and why


The issue is caused by an incomplete software update to V21y. There are no error messages or warning that the update was unsuccessful. Going to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Versions will show the phone on version V21y. However, the loud clicking and popping is the symptom that the update was not 100% successful.


Software version affectedP999-V21y
Software version resolvedNA
Software update resourcesSoftware Overview
Issue typeKnown Issue



Help & How to

What to expect


  • All incoming and outgoing calls will have a clicking and popping sound that can be heard on both ends of the call.
  • The clicking and popping occur after receiving and completing the OTA software update to V21y.


Resolution steps


To assist with the clicking and popping occurring on every call after the software update, follow these steps:


  1. Confirm the clicking and popping occurs on all incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Confirm the device baseband version displays MAR 11 2012. 

      lg2x v21y1.jpg

    • If the phone is not on MAR 11 20, see Software Update for additional information about the software update.
  3. If the phone is on V21y and the above steps have been complete, see the P999_Software Update Guide (Clicking and Popping Audio Issue).pdf (attached below).
    • This solution is provided by LG and not supported by T-Mobile. We will not be able to guide you through this update. Contact LG for further assistance with this update at 1-800-243-0000.