BlackBerry Protect app

    Learn about the BlackBerry Protect app. Get tips, how tos, and troubleshooting all on this page.



    BlackBerry Protect details

    App features

    • Contacts, text messages, calendar, and bookmarks can be backed up wirelessly
    • Back up done automatically and as often as you choose (daily, weekly or monthly)
    • Locate your phone via GPS
    • Remotely:
      • Wipe your phone
      • Send messages to phone
      • Activate loud ringer
      • Lock and change password



    App requirements

    • BlackBerry Data Plan
    • BlackBerry software version 4.6.1 or higher

    BlackBerry Protect Icon



    How tos

    Install BlackBerry Protect

    To install the BlackBerry Protect App, follow these steps:


    1. Download the app from BlackBerry App World.
    2. Open the app and follow the set up steps provided.



    Back up the phone

    To back up your phone, follow these steps:


    1. Access Blackberry Protect Web or the phone.
    2. Select the desired phone.
    3. Select Backup and Restore.
    4. Select Backup Now.



    Restore the phone

    To restore your phone, follow these steps:


    1. Access BlackBerry Protect from the phone.
    2. Select the Restore icon.
    3. Select the phone you want to restore.
    4. Enter your BlackBerry ID.
    5. Select the data you want to restore.
    6. Select Start Restore.



    Locate the phone

    To locate your phone, follow these steps:


    Note: In order for you to find a lost phone, you would need to have added the app prior to its loss and then access the Blackberry Protect Web and use your Blackberry ID (what you used on the phone to access the App World) to sign in and locate the phone.


    1. Access Blackberry Protect Web.
    2. Select the phone you want to locate.
    3. Select Find this phone.



    Lock or wipe the phone

    To lock or wipe your phone, follow these steps:


    1. Access Blackberry Protect Web.
    2. Select Lock phone or Wipe Device.





    To troubleshoot problems with the BlackBerry Protect app, follow these steps:


    Basic Troubleshooting

    Important: Complete these steps before proceeding to advanced troubleshooting.

    1. Recreate the issue
      1. Access BlackBerry Protect on your phone.
      2. Attempt to perform the function that is not working following the documented How To's and note any error messages.
      3. If you continue to receive errors, try to perform another function within the BlackBerry Protect app and note the results.
    2. Test general web access
      1. Access web2go.
      2. Access an external web site like or
    3. Close all apps & restart the phone
      1. Restart your phone or close all apps
      2. Remove the battery from the phone.
      3. Replace the battery and restart the phone.


    Advanced Troubleshooting

    If the issue persists, contact RIM.