Lookout Mobile Security app

    Lookout Mobile Security is an app available for Android and iOS. Lookout provides security that ensures personal information is protected.




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    App features

    • Protect against mobile threats including malware and spyware. Initiate real-time or scheduled security scans easily and automatically receive security updates
    • Review a list of downloaded apps that can access location, messages and personal information. Scan every app to see what data it accesses. Available on Premium version only.
      • Schedule automatic backups of your data. Access your information  via the web from the Lookout website. Save or restore data. Photo and Call Log backup available in premium version.
        • Find your lost or stolen phone using GPS. Sound an alarm to find your phone nearby. Lock or wipe your phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe your personal data and SD card. Lock and wipe in premium version



          App requirements

          To use Lookout, you must have a data plan.



          How-to guides

          Register an account

          On the first launch of the Lookout application, you will be prompted to create an account. You may use an existing Lookout account or create a new one.


          Create a new Lookout account

          1. Launch Lookout.
          2. Click Get Started.
          3. Security page will open, keep Enable Security checked and click Next.
          4. Backup page will open, keep Enable Backup checked and click Next.
          5. Missing Device page will open; click Enable GPA & Wireless Location.
            1. Select Use Wireless Networks
            2. Click Agree
            3. Select Use GPS Satellites
          6. Click New User.
          7. Enter the required information.
          8. Click Start Lookout.


          Enter the Premium Trial

          Lookout has both a Free and a Premium version. From the free Lookout app, you can initiate a free trial of the Premium product. In order to enter the free trial, you just need to click on the button Try Premium free for 30 days.


          Upgrade to Lookout Premium

          Once in the Premium Trial, you have 14 days to try out the Premium version. After the 14 days are over, you can pay to keep Premium, or if you choose not to pay you will automatically revert back to the Free version of Lookout.


          To upgrade to Lookout Premium, you can click on the Upgrade Premium button, where you will be taken to a page to enter in payment.


          1. You can choose either a monthly or annual subscription. ($2.99 / month or $29.99 / year)
          2. Enter in your credit card number, the expiration date, the security code and the zip code associated with the credit card number.
          3. Click on the Upgrade Now button.
          4. You will now see that you have Lookout Premium and should see the Lookout Premium logo in the top left hand side of your Lookout app and all premium features accessible.


          Cancel your subscription on mylookout.com

          1. Go to www.lookout.com.
          2. Click the grey Log in button.
          3. Enter your Lookout registered email and password.
          4. Click the green Log in button.
          5. On the left navigation, click Account / Settings.
          6. Click on Account Type.
          7. Click Cancel Premium Subscription and follow any additional steps.


          Cancel your subscription from your phone

          1. Launch Lookout.
          2. Click the Device Menu Button.
          3. Click Settings.
          4. Click Account.
          5. Click Cancel Premium Subscription.
          6. Click Yes, Cancel My Premium Subscription and follow any additional steps.



          1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
          2. Click the Find My Device tab. It will automatically start locating the phone.
          3. You will see the location of your phone on a Google map. Every time you locate your phone, you'll receive an email of its location.
            • You can also see your previous location history in the upper-right hand corner.



            The Scream function will sound a loud alarm even if your phone is on silent. Your phone will emit a loud siren, vibrate and the screen will flash so you can find it nearby.


            To activate the Scream function:

            1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
            2. Click the Find My Device tab.
            3. Click the speaker icon.
              Warning: It will be loud! Once you hear the siren and are ready to turn it off, press the Stop Screaming button.


              Signal Flare

              Signal Flare automatically saves your phone's last known location when the battery gets low, significantly improving your chances of finding the phone.


              To activate Signal Flare:

              1. Open Settings Menu in the Lookout app.
              2. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.to see all of your latest Signal Flare locations .


              Lock Cam

              With Lock Cam you’ll know immediately if someone is attempting to access your phone. Lookout will snap a picture with your front-facing camera of anyone who enters an incorrect password three times, and you will receive email with the picture and location of your phone. To enable and use the Lock Cam, follow these steps:


              For Lock Cam to work, you need:

              • A password, PIN or pattern protection enabled
              • A front-facing camera
              • An Android phone, with software version 2.3 or above


              To enable Lock Cam:

              1. Open Settings.
              2. Select the Lock Cam checkbook.
              3. You will then be prompted to enable Lookout as a Device Administrator. You must disable Lookout as a Device Administrator in order to uninstall Lookout.


              Phone lock

              1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
              2. Click the Find My Device tab.
              3. Click the Lock icon. You will then have the ability to lock your phone and/or set up a custom lock message.
                • Click the Lock button, and make sure to remember the unlock code so you can access your phone later.


                Wipe your phone

                1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
                2. Click Find My Device tab.
                3. Click the Wipe icon.
                4. Click the Wipe button. Keep in mind, if you click this button all of the data on your phone will be deleted. There is no way to undo this action (you can only restore data that you have backed up).


                Privacy Advisor

                1. Navigate to the Privacy Advisor module on the phone.
                2. Tap Scan Now. Lookout will categorize each of your apps based on the types of data they access. Once the scan is complete, click on a category to see a detailed list of the apps that access that information category.
                  • For more in-depth information, click on an app. If you’d like to uninstall an app, click App Info & Options and Uninstall.
                  • To be notified if an app changes its permissions, go to the Privacy Advisor section of the Settings Menu to enable Notify of changes.


                Safe Browsing

                Surf the mobile web safely knowing that every site you visit, including links from emails, texts and even Facebook, is safe.

                Safe Browsing works on Chrome and the default Android browser. Safe Browsing is enabled by default.


                To disable Safe Browsing:

                1. Go to Settings.
                2. Uncheck the Block dangerous URLS check box.



                Automatic Scans

                To scan the contents of your SD card for malicious app files from email or attachments:

                1. Open the Settings menu.
                2. From there, make sure the option to Monitor the File System is on. You can schedule security scans to run automatically, or on a weekly or daily basis.
                  • Open the Settings menu and click Scheduled Scans to set your preferred schedule.



                  Manual Scans

                  1. Open the Security module.
                  2. Select the green Scan Now button.
                  3. Once complete, you will see the number of apps scanned along with your phone's current security status.




                  1. Recreate the Issue.
                    1. Access Lookout on the phone.
                    2. Attempt to perform the function that is not working and provide you with any error messages.
                    3. Verify the steps taken with How To's listed above.
                    4. Attempt to perform another function within Lookout and note the results.
                  2. Check for Content Blocking.
                    1. Content Blocking will disable the ability to sign up for Lookout.
                    2. Lookout will not function if Content Blocking is added to the account.
                  3. Test general Web Access.
                    1. Access web2go.
                    2. Access an external web site like www.google.com.
                    3. Restart your phone or close all applications.
                    4. Remove the battery from the phone.
                    5. Replace the battery and restart the phone.
                    6. Attempt to use Lookout again and to perform the function that previously failed.
                  4. If the issue is not resolved, escalations need to be referred directly to Lookout.
                    1. Go to www.mylookout.com
                    2. Submit support question via the web: www.mylookout.com/help
                    3. Customer Service via email: support@lookout.com


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