Lookout Mobile Security app

    Lookout Mobile Security is an app available for Android and iOS devices that adds security to help protect your device and personal data. Two versions of Lookout are available:


    • Free version that provides essential security features
    • Premium version that offers additional features for a monthly or yearly fee



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    Lookout features

    • Protect your device from viruses, malware, and spyware. Initiate real-time or scheduled security scans to automatically get security updates.
    • Find your lost or stolen device either with GPS. If it is nearby, use Scream to sound an alarm (even when it's in silent mode).
    • Schedule backups to save or restore your contacts on the Lookout website.


    Additional features with the Premium version

    • Use Privacy Advisor to scan all downloaded apps and view a list of apps that can access your location, messages, and personal information.
    • Use Safe Browsing for another layer of protection when browsing the web.
    • Schedule backups of photos and call logs.
    • If your device is lost or stolen, you can:
      • Remotely wipe your personal data and SD card.
      • Remotely lock your device.


    Read Lookout Mobile Security Premium for more information about trying, buying, and registering for the premium version.



    Lookout requirements

    To use Lookout, you must be using an Android or iOS device with a T-Mobile data plan.



    Your Lookout account

    The first time you open Lookout on your device, you are prompted to create an account. You can use an existing Lookout account or create a new one.


    Create a new Lookout account

    1. Open Lookout.
    2. Select Get Started.
    3. On the Security page, confirm Enable Security is selected and then select Next.
    4. On the Backup page, confirm Enable Backup is selected and then select Next.
    5. In the Missing Device page, select Enable GPA & Wireless Location.
    6. Select Use Wireless Networks and then select Agree.
    7. Select Use GPS Satellites.
    8. SelectNew User.
    9. Enter the required information and then select Start Lookout.


    Try the Premium version for free

    Lookout has both a free and a Premium version. From the free Lookout app, you can initiate a free trial of the Premium version. To initiate the trial, just select Try Premium for free. After initiating the trial Premium version, you have a set number of days before you'll need to pay to keep it. If you choose not to keep it, your account will automatically revert back to the free Lookout version.


    Upgrade to Premium

    1. Select Upgrade to Premium.
    2. Choose either the monthly or annual subscription.
    3. Enter your credit card information.
    4. Select Upgrade Now.
    5. You will see the Lookout Premium logo on the top left of your Lookout app and you can access all available premium features.


    Cancel your Premium subscription


    From your computer

      1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
      2. On the left, select Account / Settings.
      3. Select Account Type > Cancel Premium Subscription and then follow the on-screen instructions.


    From your mobile device

      1. Launch Lookout.
      2. Select Device > Settings > Account
      3. Select Cancel Premium Subscription.
      4. Select Yes, Cancel My Premium Subscription and then follow the on-screen instructions.




    Find my device

    1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
    2. Select Find My Device and Lookout uses GPS to automatically start locating the lost device.
    3. You will see the location of your device on a Google map. Every time you locate your device, you'll receive an email of its location.
      • You can also see your previous location history in the top right.



      Use Scream to sound a loud alarm, even if your device has silent mode on. Your device will emit a loud siren, vibrate and the screen will flash so you can find it nearby.


      To activate the Scream function:

      1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
      2. Select the Find My Device tab.
      3. Select the speaker icon.
        Warning: It will be loud! Select Stop Screaming to turn the siren or scream off.


        Signal Flare

        Signal Flare automatically saves your device's last known location when the battery gets low, significantly improving your chances of finding the device.


        To activate Signal Flare:

        1. Open Settings Menu in the Lookout app.
        2. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.to see all of your latest Signal Flare locations.


        Lock Cam

        With Lock Cam, you’ll know immediately if someone is trying to access your device. If somebody enters an incorrect password three times, Lookout will snap a picture with the front-facing camera and then send you an email of the picture and location of your device. Use the following steps to enable and use the Lock Cam.


        For Lock Cam to work, you need:

        • A password, PIN, or pattern protection enabled
        • A front-facing camera
        • Android devices must have software version 2.3 or higher and iOS devices must have 6.0 or higher


        Enable Lock Cam

        1. Open Settings.
        2. Select the Lock Cam check box.
        3. When prompted, select to enable Lookout as a Device Administrator.
          Note: Before you can uninstall Lookout, you'll need to disable Lookout as the Device Administrator.


        Lock your device

        1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
        2. Select Find My Device.
        3. Select Lock and follow the on-screen instructions to lock your device and set up a custom lock message. Be sure to remember the unlock code, so you can unlock it later.


        Wipe your device

        1. Go to Lookout.com and sign in.
        2. Select Find My Device.
        3. Select the Wipe icon.
        4. Select the Wipe button. Keep in mind, Wipe deletes all data on your device. And we have no way to undo this action (you can only restore data that you have backed up).


        Report a lost or stolen device

        If you can't find your device, you can report it as lost or stolen, suspend your line, and order a replacement device.


        Privacy Advisor

        1. Navigate to the Privacy Advisor module on your device.
        2. Select Scan Now. Lookout categorizes each of your apps based on the types of data they access.
        3. After the scan is complete, you can select a category to see a detailed list of apps that can access that category.
          • For more in-depth information, select an app. If you’d like to uninstall an app, select App Info & Options > Uninstall.
          • To be notified if an app changes its permissions, go to the Privacy Advisor section in the Settings Menu and select to enable Notify of changes.


        Safe Browsing

        You can surf the mobile web knowing that every site you visit is safe, including links from emails, texts, and Facebook. Safe Browsing is enabled by default, and it works on Google Chrome and the default Android browser.


        To disable Safe Browsing:

        1. Go to Settings.
        2. Uncheck the Block dangerous URLS check box.


        Automatic, scheduled, and manual scans

        You can have Lookout scan for malicious downloads, including apps.


        Automatic scans:

        1. Launch Lookout.
        2. Open the Settings menu.
        3. Check the box next to Monitor the file system.


        Scheduled scans:

        1. Launch Lookout.
        2. Open the Settings menu.
        3. Select Scheduled scans .
        4. Choose your preferred schedule. You can schedule the frequency of security scans, including a specific day of the week and time of day.


        Manual scans:

        1. Launch Lookout.
        2. Select Security.
        3. Select Scan Now.
        4. After the scan is complete, you'll see the number of apps scanned and your device's current security status.




        Try to recreate the issue

        1. Open Lookout.
        2. Try to perform the function that was not working and note any error messages.
        3. Verify your steps with the How-tos listed above.
        4. Try to perform a different function within Lookout and note the results.


        Check Content Blocking

        Lookout won't function if Content Blocking is enabled on your account.


        Test your internet access

        1. Open a browser and go to an external website, such as Google.com.
        2. If no access, turn off your device or remove and then re-insert the battery.
        3. Restart your device and try to access the internet again.


        If the issue is still not resolved, contact Lookout Customer Support or email your issue to support@lookout.com. You can also contact T-Mobile Customer Service for further troubleshooting.


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