Set up T-Mobile services: Non T-Mobile BlackBerry Devices

Important: T-Mobile cannot guarantee the functionality of any handsets or devices which were not sold by T-Mobile or an authorized dealer of T-Mobile ("non-T-Mobile devices") for use on the T-Mobile network. Nor can we guarantee the functionality of any devices which do not have a software version that was sold or updated by T-Mobile (for example, rooted devices).


See also: Disclaimer and notes on unsupported handsets, devices, and software.


Set up T-Mobile services on a non-T-Mobile BlackBerry device


  1. The BlackBerry Web2Go or equivalent rate plan needs to be activated on the account.
  2. To switch to GSM / EDGE from the default setting of 1X/EVDO, proceed as follows:
    1. Press Menu.
    2. Select Options.
    3. Then go to and tap Mobile Network.
    4. Tap Network Technology.
    5. Next to Network Technology change the option from global or any other setting to GSM / UMTS.
    6. Next to Network Mode change the option to 2G.
    7. Press Menu.
    8. Tap Save.
  3. Check the device APN:
    1. Scroll to and select Options.
    2. Select Advanced Options.
    3. Select TCP.
    4. Configure as follows:
      • APN:
      • Username: <Leave Blank>
      • Password: <Leave Blank>
    5. Press Back.
    6. Save Settings.
      Note: Check the APN Settings are enabled and uncheck the APN AUTHENTICATION ENABLED checkbox.
  4. Register the device and initiate the download of service books:
    1. Scroll to and select Options.
    2. Select Advanced Options.
    3. Select Host Routing Table (or TPC or HRT).
    4. Press the Menu key.
    5. Select Register Now.
      Note: A data subscription is needed for service books to download.
  5. Service books can be sent via My T-Mobile: (E-Mail Service Books Only)
    1. Log in to MyT-Mobile from your desktop.
    2. Set the phone model to BlackBerry® 8800 from T-Mobile.
    3. Click on mobile life.
    4. Click the (Configure Email link.) Communication and Text Tools.
    5. Enter in the PIN and IMEI number.
      Note: To view this information - Scroll to and select Options and then select Status.
    6. Enter a valid email address and password.
      • Optional - If skipping this step, press Cancel.
    7. On the left column select Service Books.
    8. Send Service Books.
  6. Clear the network status:
    1. Remove the battery from the device.
    2. Wait approximately one minute.
    3. Insert the battery and power on the device.
  7. Enable the browser:
    1. Scroll to and select Options.
    2. Select Advanced Options.
    3. Scroll to and select Browser Options.
    4. Set all browser settings to T-Mobile or web2go (When Available)
      Note: In the 6.0 software, there is no option for Browser, only Browser Push. Try Opera Mini when connected to Wi-Fi to browse using a T-Mobile connection.
    5. Test the connection. You should now see new icons on the WAP screen.