Google contacts not syncing: Android

    Troubleshoot Gmail contacts not showing up on your phone or deleting from the phone book.


    • Error: 'Gmail contacts are missing from contact list'
    • Contacts did not sync properly and are missing from the contact list




    To fix missing Gmail contacts, follow these steps:


    1. Open a web page to verify you have internet. If you cannot access the internet, see: Internet / data troubleshooting
    2. If you get a sync error, see: Error: 'Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly'
    3. Check your Google account data sync settings, and make sure that Gmail and Autosync are selected.
    4. Open Play Store, and check for updates to your apps:
      1. From the Play Store home screen, touch Menu.
      2. Touch My Apps.
      3. Update all apps with an update available.
    5. If problems continue, open Gmail from a computer and sign in.
    6. If problems continue, clear and manage memory.
    7. Clear the cache and data of any Gmail apps. See your device How tos > Apps > Clear & uninstall > Clear app cache and data.
    8. Open Gmail to test if you are receiving email.
    9. If you are receiving mail slowly, archive or delete all the mail in the Inbox, so it can sync faster. Syncing large files and many emails can slow down the device.
    10. If problems continue, perform a master reset. See your device How tos > Settings > Master reset.
    11. Set up the Gmail account.
    12. Open Gmail to test if you are receiving email.
    13. If the problem continues, contact Google for assistance. T-Mobile cannot investigate Google account or service issues.