Triangle with exclamation point error on an Android device

    Troubleshoot your device showing an exclamation mark on a black screen:


    Android device stuck on triangle with exclamation point


    This screen is called recovery mode and is usually accessed from the bootloader menu on an Android device. Pressing or holding certain buttons during boot up will bring up this menu, where your device provides options to help repair or install operating systems.  Most Android devices use the volume up and volume down keys to navigate through the bootloader and recovery mode. The power key is usually used to select options.


    The most common cause of issues with recovery mode is a rooted device, or having installed a custom ROM. In this case, T-Mobile does not provide any support for rooted devices and you will need to refer to the device manufacturer for additional troubleshooting.


    If you need help performing any step, check the how-to guides for your device on the Phones page.


    To fix this issue:

    1. Remove the battery from your device.
      • If your device battery is not removable, hold down the power button on your device until it completely powers down.
    2. Wait 5 seconds and re-insert the battery and/or power the device back on.
    3. If recovery mode appears again, hold the volume up button and then press the power button. Use the volume up  or volume down to highlight Reboot system and then press the power button to select it.
    4. Retest the issue and continue troubleshooting if you still experience this problem.
    5. Reset your device.
    6. If these steps do not work, contact your device's manufacturer.