App problems, crashes, or not updating

Apps usually just work, but what do you do when one of them crashes or shows error messages? Find help below!


If you need help performing any step, check the guides for your device on the Devices page.



Fix problems with apps on your device

  1. Update the device software to the latest version. Visit the Devices page for current versions and steps.
  2. Open the app store, and download all app updates.
  3. Restart the device, and test if the problems go away.
  4. Open, and check if you have you have FamilyMode, Content Blocking, or Family Allowances. These services may block the app from working.
  5. For Android devices:
    • Wipe the cache partition to clear system memory. (Visit your Devices page, and use the Device Reset page for help.)
    • Clear all app caches. (Visit your Devices page, and use the Manage Apps page for help.)
  6. Uninstall all apps you recently downloaded or updated.
  7. Uninstall the app you have problems with, and reinstall it.
  8. Check your device has enough free storage space. T-Mobile recommends having at least 15% of the on-device storage free.
  9. If you continue to have problems, contact the developer of the app.
    • If the app came with the phone, you can contact the device manufacturer for help.
    • If you downloaded the app, contact the app developer through the app store. (T-Mobile and the manufacturer are unable to work with apps that other companies developed.)