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    What is Qik Video Chat

    Qik Video Chat allows you to easily stay connected, face-to-face, with those who matter most.


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    Qik Video Chat is currently pre-loaded on select devices.

    • Dell Streak 7
    • HTC Amaze 4G
    • HTC Sensation 4G
    • myTouch 4G
    • myTouch Slide 4G
    • Samsung Exhibit 4G t759
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab
    • Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Vibrant+)
    • Samsung Galaxy S II
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G
    • T-Mobile G2x
    • T-Mobile myTouch by LG
    • T-Mobile Sidekick 4G (Samsung T839)
    • T-Mobile Springboard


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    Video Chat

    • Experience powerful video capabilities on your phone enabling you to share life’s moments as they happen.
    • Two-way live Video Chat with your Qik Contacts between two mobile phones or a mobile phone and computer.
    • Qik Video Chat functionality runs on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
    • Note: 3G Network coverage may impact the quality of picture and audio.
    • Use your front or back camera to share either your face or your surroundings.
    • Qik Video Chat integrates your phone’s address book so you never need to enter contacts twice.


    Record & Share

    • Record videos and instantly share them on Social Networking sites.
    • Share videos privately, or broadcast then to blogs and video sites.
    • By default, video’s captured when using the Qik application are set to “public”.


    Video Mail

    • Send Video Mail to friends and family
    • Video Mail may be sent to anyone, even if they are do not have Qik Video Chat


    • Customize your own personal Qik Homepage
    • All videos are instantly uploaded to your Video Gallery for sharing and safe-keeping.
    • Download videos from your Gallery to your computer, or burn them onto a DVD.
    • Watch all video’s shared by your Qik friends.


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    Purchase Support

    What is required for Qik Video Chat?

    • You must have an Unlimited Data Feature.
    • The application itself is free to download and install.


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    Existing Issue


    Issue Details

    Reproduce the Issue



    Application Force Closes    
    • When does this occur?

      Qik force closes after updating to version 11.32

    • What devices are impacted?

      HTC Sensation

      Samsung Exhibit 4G

    1. Launch Qik
    2. Log In
    3. Play Store Update automatically shows up
    4. Tap Update
    5. Complete Play Store Update process
    6. Without logging out, tap any application key
    7. Force Close error appears
    1. Launch Qik
    2. Tap the Menu key
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Tap Log Out
    5. Log Back In
    6. Force Close error disappears


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    How To's

    Place a call

    1. Launch Qik Video Chat
    2. Tap Video Chat
      • Call a Contact:
        • Scroll to the contact and tap the Camera Icon
      • Call a Number
        1. Tap the Dialpad Icon
        2. Enter the User Name
        3. Tap the Camera Icon


    Send and Receive Video Mail

    1. Launch Qik Video Chat
    2. Tap Video Mail
      • To View
        • Tap the message you desire to view
      • To Compose
        1. Tap Compose
        2. Enter the Phone Number, or Tap the arrow to select from contacts
        3. Enter your message details
        4. Tap Record Now or Browse Gallery to select video
        5. Tap Send


    Change Camera & Video Settings

    1. Launch Qik Video Chat
    2. Tap the Device Menu Button
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Select from the following:
      • Sharing: Synchronize to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Contacts
      • Location: Select Off, City Level, Street Level or Track Live
      • Video Recording Quality: Select Low, Normal or High
      • Camera to Use for Recording: Select Front or Back Camera
      • Sign Off
      • About: Software Version details


    Synchronize Contacts

    1. Tap the Device Menu Button
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Accounts and Sync
    4. Tap Qik Video Chat
    5. Tap Sync Contacts


    Check Software Version

    1. Launch Qik Video Chat
    2. Tap Video Chat
    3. Log in if you are not already
    4. Tap the Device Menu Button
    5. Tap Setting
    6. Tap About
    7. The Software Version is displayed as: Version x.xx.xx

      Note: Software Versions available may vary, below are a few.

      • Version 0.11.62 - current
      • Version
      • Version
      • Version 0.05.99
      • Version 0.08.15


    Update Software Version

    1. Launch Qik Video Chat
    2. If you are signed in, tap the Device Menu Button, then tap Sign Off
    3. Message will appear: “Signing off will remove your Qik data from this phone. Do you want to sign off?”
    4. Tap Yes
    5. Close Qik Video Chat
    6. Launch Qik Video Chat
    7. Sign in
    8. If a software update is available, you will be prompted to update upon signing in
    9. Tap Update (if available)
    10. Follow the onscreen prompts




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    Basic Troubleshooting

    1. Confirm the Application Settings
      • Update the Software Version, refer to the steps above.
    2. Recreate the Issue
      • Access Qik Video Chat on their device.
      • Sign into Qik Video Chat.
      • Attempt to perform the function that is not working and provide  any error messages.
      • Verify the steps taken with How To's listed above.
      • Attempt to perform another function within Qik Video Chat and record the results.
    3. Test general Web Access
    4. Restart the device or close all applications
      • Remove the battery from the device.
      • Replace the battery and restart the device.
      • Attempt to use Qik Video Chat again and to perform the function that previously failed.


    Poor Video or Audio Quality

    1. Confirm you have a Network Connection
    2. Verify you have a strong 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. 

      Note: Qik Video Chat does not work on EDGE.

      • Poor video or audio quality during a video chat is primarily caused by lack of adequate signal on either the caller’s side or the side of the call receiver.
      • Due to the amount of data that needs to be transmitted during a video chat, a strong signal on both end is necessary to achieve the best possible experience.
      • Symptoms of inadequate signal are:
        • Lack of video transmission (black screen where the other person’s image should be)
        • Scratchy or unintelligible audio
        • Video Chat connection terminating unexpectedly
        • Pixilated or unclear image transmit
    3. Test Wi-Fi Connection (if possible)
      • Turn on Wi-Fi
      • Test Video Chat with a Qik Contact
    4. Expected behavior
      • The audio or video quality issue may be due to the other person’s connection.
      • Video Chat uses a large amount of data and requires a very strong signal.
      • Video and audio quality issues are to be expected at times when the device cannot acquire a strong enough signal.
      • If the other functions of the device are working (i.e. web browsing, voice calling, etc) the device is operating normally.
    5. Escalate to Qik
      • If all of the above troubleshooting has been completed, and if you are in need of additional assistance, contact Qik.
      • There are two ways  to contact Qik:


    Unable to Connect to Server

    1. Complete all Basic Troubleshooting steps above.
    2. Most server connection issues are temporary and normal function should resume shortly.
    3. Escalate to Qik
      • If all of the above troubleshooting has been completed, and if you are in need of additional assistance, contact Qik.
      • There are two ways to contact Qik:


    Contacts Not Showing Available to Video Chat

    Note: Qik contacts have a camcorder icon next to their name. Green means available, grey means offline.

    1. Confirm the Qik Account is properly set up
      • A number must be associated with a Qik account in order for others to see your presence.
      • To verify your information, sign into your Qik Account on qik.com (Settings > Profile > Phone Number)
      • The person you are attempting to call must also be set up properly and currently signed in
    2. Synchronize Contacts
      • See steps above in How To's
    3. Escalate to Qik
      • If all of the above troubleshooting has been completed, and if you are in need of additional assistance, contact Qik.
      • There are two ways to contact Qik:

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