MobileLife Family Organizer app

    Learn about the MobileLife® Family Organizer app. Get tips, how tos, and troubleshooting all on this page.


    Important: The MobileLife® Family Organizer app will be retiring in July.



    MobileLife Family Organizer details

    App features

    • The MobileLife® Family Organizer app is being retired in July.
    • A shared centralized family calendar easily accessible on-the-go.
    • Calendar entries available on the phone and a computer. For use of MobileLife Family Organizer on your PC, please see
      • Shared shopping list the whole family can access from wherever they are.
      • Create a shared To Do list for the entire family to work on together.
      • Share fun things your family does on the go, including pictures to remember the moment with Family Journal.
      • Quickly broadcast a message to one or more family members using the Family Message Board.



      App requirements

      You must have a data plan.




      How tos

      Create a new account

      When you first launch the MobileLife Family Organizer app, you will be prompted to register an account. You may use an existing account or create a new one. To create a new account, or log in with an existing account, follow these steps:


      To use an existing MobileLife Family Organizer account:

      1. From the main app screen, tap sign in.
      2. Enter the appropriate e-mail address.
      3. Tap the password box.
      4. Enter the appropriate password.
      5. Tap sign in.


      To create a new account:

      1. From the main app screen, tap create an account.
      2. A new page will load and display the account registration screen.
      3. Tap Accept.
      4. Enter the necessary information.
      5. Tap Done.



      Transfer account from Cozi to MobileLife Family Organizer

      For a richer experience it is recommended that you use the MobileLife Family Organizer instead of the Cozi app. Contact Cozi to convert your account to the MobileLife Family Organizer.



      Add people to my account

      Each account can have up to 12 family members, including 2 parents and 10 children.


      While in the MobileLife Family Organizer app, follow these steps:


      1. From the Home Screen click Settings
      2. In the Household Members section you have two options:
        • Add Adult
        • Add a Household Member
      3. To add either option, select the desired option
      4. Enter the Name; E-Mail and Phone Number of the new member
      5. Assign the member a color
      6. Click Save



      Create an appointment

      You can sync your Google, Outlook, or Yahoo! calendar with the MobileLife Family Organizer. See Viewing appointments from other online calendars in Cozi for steps.


      To create an appointment, while in the MobileLife Family Organizer app, follow these steps:


      1. From the Home Screen, select Calendar.
      2. Tap Menu.
      3. Select New Appointment.
      4. Enter all Appointment Details.
      5. Select Members to be included in the appointment.
      6. Select a Reminder if desired.
      7. Tap Save.



      Set up weekly agenda e-mails

      While signed onto MobileLife Family Organizer online, follow these steps:


      1. Tap Settings.
      2. Tap Email Notifications.
      3. Select Recipients.
      4. Enter an E-Mail Address if one is not already saved.
      5. Tap Save.



      Uninstall the app

      To uninstall the app, follow these steps:


      1. Access the phone menu.
      2. Tap Settings.
      3. Select Applications.
      4. Select Manage Applications.
      5. Locate and Select Cozi or MobileLife Family organizer.
      6. Tap Uninstall.



      Registering a mobile number

      Use these steps when setting up Family Message Board and for updating already registered mobile numbers.


      To register a mobile number, follow these steps:


      1. Log into MobileLife Family Organizer at
      2. Click Settings.
      3. Click Mobile Phone Numbers.
      4. Enter the mobile numbers for each family member.
      5. A system generated message will be sent to each mobile number.
      6. Respond to the system generated message with the word "Yes" to complete registration.
        Note: If no system generated message is received, send an SMS to 22694 with "Yes"in the body.





      To troubleshoot problems with the MobileLife Family Organizer app, follow these steps:


      1. Recreate the issue.
        1. Access MobileLife Family Organizer on your phone.
        2. Attempt to perform the function that is not working following the documented How To's and note any error messages.
        3. If you continue to receive errors, try to perform another function within MobileLife Family Organizer and note the results.
      2. Test general web access.
        1. Access web2go.
        2. Access an external web site like or
      3. Close all apps and restart the phone.
        Note: Oftentimes apps like MobileLife Family Organizer will not perform as expected if other apps are running at the same time.
        1. Restart your phone or close all apps
        2. Remove the battery from the phone.
        3. Replace the battery and restart the phone.
      4. Re-download the app.
        1. Follow the uninstall the app steps above.
        2. Access the Play Store.
        3. Search & install MobileLife Family Organizer.
      5. Escalate to Cozi
        1. If all of the above troubleshooting has been completed, then the issue is related to the MobileLife Family Organizer app.
        2. Go to for additional support.