Cannot turn on device: Android

    Understanding the Issue


    Use this document when the pressing the power button does not turn the handset on or when experiencing a charging issue as the device will eventually lose all battery life and not power on. This document is specific for Android devices.




    Resolution Steps


    1. Make sure you are not on your phone when troubleshooting.
    2. Check your device for liquid or physical damage such as a swelling batter, missing contacts, etc. If you see liquid or physical damage, contact us.
    3. Check your charging port. If it is loose, contact us.
    4. If you are using a non-T-Mobile charger, contact the charger manufacturer for troubleshooting.
    5. If possible, try a different charger. If the battery charges with a different charger, the original charger should be replaced.
    6. If you are using a non-T-Mobile battery, contact the battery manufacturer for troubleshooting.
    7. If possible, try a different battery. If another battery does not have the issue, the original battery should be replaced.
    8. If the above steps have not resolved your issue, contact us.