Cannot turn on or charge

    Troubleshoot the following:


    • Pressing the Power key does not turn on the device
    • Battery does not charge when plugged in




    1. Check the device software version, and update if available and if the battery has enough charge to update.
    2. Check troubleshooting docs for your device.
    3. Press and hold the Power key for 15 seconds.
      • Is the screen is dark but there is an audio or vibration cue when pressing the button? If yes, troubleshoot the screen instead.
      • If the Power key is loose or damaged, troubleshoot the key instead.
      • For Apple, hold the Power + Home keys until the Apple logo appears and the device restarts.
    4. Try to charge using a different power outlet.
    5. Charge the battery for 4 hours. When a battery is depleted, it may take 20 minutes of charging to turn on.
    6. Unplug the device, if currently charging.
    7. Inspect the USB port. If the charging port is:
    8. Remove the SD card (if applicable).
    9. Remove the battery (if removable).
      • Press and hold the Power key for 5 seconds to discharge any remaining power.
      • Inspect the battery for damage (missing contacts, swelling, or other physical damage). If damaged, contact us.
      • Insert the battery (not the SD card).
    10. If the battery isn't removable, soft reset the phone. See your device > How tos > Hardware > Battery > Insert / remove.
    11. Turn on the device.
      • If the device does not turn on, go to the next step.
      • If the device turns on, the issue is resolved. If you had removed an SD card, follow Memory card troubleshooting or get a new SD card.
    12. Uninstall all apps, if the device has enough charge.
    13. If the issue continues, test an alternate battery (if removable, and if you can swap with another device or have an alternate battery).
    14. After completing these steps, please contact us.