Hot or overheating phone

Phones can warm up, or even feel like they might be overheating. There are a few reasons why they can get hot.



Causes of phone heat

A few parts inside a phone generate heat. This is completely normal at times. When these parts heat up, phones spread heat through their case too cool off. Any part that uses power can create heat, but the main ones are:


  • Battery: Batteries contain chemicals that react to create electricity, and this creates heat.
  • Processor: Processors transfer information very fast, which creates heat. This happens in computers too.
  • Screen: Anything that emits light also emits heat, from light bulbs to TVs. Your phone's LCD screen heats up more the longer it is on.


Phones come with a safety feature to turn themselves off if they get too hot.


If your phone is always very hot or gets so hot you cannot hold it, you may contact us or visit a retail store to check it out.



When phone heat is normal

It's completely normal for phones to heat up sometimes. If the phone only feels hot in these situations, there is probably nothing wrong with the device:


  • Apps that run in the background or use a lot of power/data
  • Charging
  • Downloading apps, data, etc.
  • Games
  • GPS navigating
  • Phone cases that insulate the phone and keep heat from escaping
  • Screen staying on
  • Streaming video or audio
  • Video chat



Tips to reduce heat

  1. If the device is in a case, remove it and test without it. Some cases retain the heat the device normally makes.
  2. If the device is also crashing or freezing, see Device keeps crashing, freezing, or restarting
  3. Uninstall any apps you downloaded before the problem started.
  4. Remove the battery (if removable). For instructions, see the How To-s for your device on the Devices page.
    1. Check for any damage (missing contacts, swelling, etc.). If the battery is damaged, you will need to purchase a new one.
    2. Check to make sure that your battery is the one that came with the device, and not a third-party version.
    3. Reinsert the battery.
  5. Turn on the device, and test.
  6. If the issue continues, test with an alternate battery (if removable and available). While you are testing, be sure to:
    • Close applications and browser tabs that you are not using.
      1. Turn off network connections you are not using.