Device feels hot

    Troubleshoot your phone or battery getting hot while in use.


    Note: It is normal for your device to get warm when charging, during long calls, or using a lot of data over the T-Mobile network or on Wi-Fi.


    Bringing the heat

    To prevent your battery or device from getting hot, use the charger and battery that came with your device. You should also avoid exposing your device to extreme heat or cold temperatures.


    What is the device doing when it gets hot? Keep in mind that it is normal for the battery to heat up when:

    • Charging the battery
    • Using GPS navigation
    • Using Internet or data for several minutes
    • Downloading files, music, apps, etc.
    • Watching videos or YouTube
    • Streaming music
    • Playing games
    • Video chat
    • Keeping the screen on for several minutes, such as when using an app




    1. If the device is in a case, remove it and test without it. Some cases retain the heat the device normally makes.
    2. If the device is also crashing or freezing, see Device keeps crashing, freezing, or restarting
    3. Uninstall any apps you downloaded before the problem started.
    4. Remove the battery (if removable). For instructions, see the How To-s for your device on the Devices page.
      1. Check for any damage (missing contacts, swelling, etc.). If the battery is damaged, you will need to purchase a new one.
      2. Check to make sure that your battery is the one that came with the device, and not a third-party version.
      3. Reinsert the battery.
    5. Turn on the device, and test.
    6. If the issue continues, test with an alternate battery (if removable and available). While you are testing, be sure to:
      1. Close applications and browser tabs that you are not using.
      2. Turn off network connections you are not using.



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